Wednesday, 23 April 2008

On the Way to the gig

Then there was the time...

"I'll take a picture as you go across" said Denis, his voice excited, singing through the scales.
"just let me cross the footbridge first" he added.
Andrew sat behind the steering wheel of the Discovery, lines in his face set firm and determined.
"if we must then" Eve sighed resignedly and strapped her self into the passenger seat.
"yes it's wide enough" said Andrew
"Let me get my camcorder ready" shouted Alison from round the corner.
"Great Shot" said Denis
"I didn't quite get that" said Alison and added
"back up lets do it again".
Oh Dear!!

"Oh dear, I didn't mean you to do that" said Alison.
"That's great" said Denis excitedly "lots and lots of photographs!


Anonymous said...

ha ha mother and her trusty camcorder strike again!!!!!!!!

Curious said...

What happened next? Did you rescue the 'Disco' and get to the gig?

Mother said...

Not my fault. I said "back up" NOT "go for a swim!!!"